Admiralty & Maritime

The Firms’ team of maritime lawyers are recommended for their practical advice to handle issues at hand. The Firm advises on both wet and dry shipping matters. We understand the technicalities and the complexities faced while moving for an arrest. Our team has vast experience in dealing with matters in this area which enables swift movement for seeking appropriate orders. The process of arresting vessels to secure claims is extremely demanding. However, our expertise and knowledge coupled with their unique skills and acumen makes the process rewarding for the client. We are actively involved in ship arrests and/or releases across all High Courts in India.

The Firm represents clients for arrest and release of vessels, in arbitrations involving charter parties, bills of lading, collision and other related issues, casualty, pollution and salvage, maritime and logistics contracts. The Firm also assists and advises clients on due diligence, sale and purchase of vessels, flagging registration and deregistration, to name a few.

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